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His blue eyes remind her of her hometown

The way he touches her body makes her feel loved. Their intimacy between them has always been precious. The way she looks in his blue and clear eyes makes her feel at home. Her home has always been the sea and his eyes remind her of her home. It was never because of his eyes or of her body, it was more because they had the same visions or similar ones. Their minds attracted their souls and so did their bodies. Her body with its curves was tanned by the sun, his hands were warm because of the reaction she gave him. Heat flowed over his whole body down. He wanted her so much. Her brown curls were twisted by his hands, her neck went back when he started kissing her neck. The way both wanted each other was indescribable. The light white blanket has been crinkled. The two forgot everything around. Their intimacy was not about who gives more or how many times they have sex with each other, it was about pleasing each other and respect each other. It was way more better than the one night stands he had. She was pure and he has been the first one having her love. He respected her and she was his angel.

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