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The white butterfly let turn darkness into light

Let me tell you about the white butterfly that grew up and came out just with its inner light.

Many of you think we are just able to grow up and to be strong, when we are surrounded by light. That’s not the truth. It`s not mine.The butterfly had always the same vision as you. He was surrounded by darkness that’s why he never came out and never showed his inner light and love. He was afraid. The butterfly knew, he carried his light, but he never felt ready to show it. Days and weeks. Weeks and Months. Months and Years passed by, but he waited til the darkness disappeared and turned into light. It didn’t disappear, it overloaded. After all these years he was tried. He has been for too long in his cocoon, watching how the darkness overloaded and survived.

One day he started appreciating his inner light, because he forgot how much worth he really is. Just for fun, he thought, he stepped out of his cocoon one morning and spread his lightening into the darkness. You can’t imagine how everything changed. Like the day turning into night and the summer turning into autumn. This is rare nowadays, but possible. It`s just the strength and love that counts. The darkness is still there, but the butterfly doesn’t care anymore. He has such an inner peace and love no one can’t touch. He decided to change his life. He was tired and now he is unstoppable.

Some years later the darkness disappeared, because the light overloaded. Emotions are contagious. Once you start loving yourself, life becomes limitless.

Your Sara<3

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